Epoch Stone House
Epoch Stone House

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He can think of Cappadocia as a country and portrays it as the capital of Cappadocia. The place known as Cappadocia covers a very large area. Göreme is only in one part of this region.


5 km from Nevşehir center, Uçhisar is located around the hill where the most beautiful panoramic view of Cappadocia, the miracle of nature, is made. Uçhisar, built on the Persian King's Road and the Seljuk Silk Road, is the most strategic point of the region.


What makes Urgup unique in terms of tourism is its natural beauty, (Valleys-Fairy Chimneys) Cultural heritage, (Ancient housing textures, Historical monuments, Churches) Religious history and ethnographic features are kneaded together.


One of the reasons that make this region so special is that it is not wrong to say that Cappadocia's unique local texture has not deteriorated and its houses made up of tuff rocks are beautiful. Because the village center, which reflects the historical texture of this place in such a different and beautiful way, is a region where the region life can be directly witnessed.

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